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What Is The Development Direction Of Stainless Steel Elbow?
Jul 20, 2017

We call stainless steel elbow products to rust, and very corrosion resistance and other important characteristics of stainless steel welding elbow is to change the pipeline direction of metal pipe fittings. Used to connect two pipes, so that the pipe can be a right angle or 45° direction, and carbon steel steel pipe link to welding, flange connection, threaded connection, socket links and other forms.

Stainless steel welding elbow in the actual production and manufacture in accordance with a certain process and standards for production and production, to ensure that in the actual work can show good value and role, in the actual application can give full play to certain characteristics and values, according to the normal process way to open mouth oh, export to different countries and regions, can promote the rapid development of China's economy and progress, for the production of enterprises is of great significance.

Stainless steel welded elbow structure tends to be reasonable, its main performance is: Primary product exports fell significantly, the proportion of total exports from 1995 to 64% to 2000, the proportion of industrial manufactures continued to rise, accounting for the total exports from 1995 to 36% to 77% in 2000. The welding elbow trade market to diversified development, the field is constantly expanding. By the end of 2000, Fushun had had trade with many countries and regions and had established trade institutions in several countries. 2000 Fushun exports in the top ten trading partners were: the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Malaysia, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, the total exports of goods to these 10 countries and regions accounted for 87.4% of the 10 major categories of export commodities, with a high technical level and a significant increase in the export of mechanical and electrical products with added value.