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Vibrating Discharger Structural Characteristics And Application Effects
May 28, 2018

The Vibrating discharger mainly includes three major components, namely motor, cycloid pin deceleration, and dragon-type unloading valve. The overall structure of the device is compact and reasonable design, small size, and light weight. Not only that, the bottom unloader has superior sealing performance, uniform feed stability, smooth unloading operation, low noise, low failure rate, long service life, and good wear resistance.


One of the vibratory bin bottom unloaders has been well received by many users, and now it has been widely used in flour, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and other powdery materials similar to the bottom of the powder unloading material, it uses vibration motor as the vibration source. Drive unloading bucket high frequency vibration. The center of the unloading hopper is provided with a conical unloading tray to facilitate the material in the hopper to flow out of the outlet slowly and evenly, and to prevent the material in the hopper from forming a knot, so it is an ideal bottom unloading device. .


From the overall analysis, the structural design of this Vibrating discharger is compact and reasonable, and it is beautiful in appearance and easy to use. During the operation of this equipment, it can maintain a stable and reliable state. Moreover, due to the distance between the bearing and the gearbox from the housing, there is a marked improvement in the high temperature and lubrication conditions. The equipment is commonly used in pneumatic output systems. For pressure output systems or negative pressure output systems, the equipment can feed the feed pipe evenly and continuously.


In fact, when the Vibrating discharger is working, the dust will fall under the action of gravity and fill the space between the upper and side star blade. The blade rotor is driven by the motor through the rotating shaft of the speed reducer, and the impeller rotates to the lower dust and is unloaded by its own weight. The bearings at both ends are isolated from the impeller, preventing contact between the ultra-fine powder and the bearing.


In addition, since the Vibrating discharger is connected using a sprocket, a certain distance is maintained between the speed reducer and the unloader housing. And for the different requirements of users, we can design and manufacture with specific needs. During the use of this bin bottom unloader, regular inspection and lubrication care are required.