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The Scientific Basis Of The Working Principle Of Star Type Discharging Feeder
Jul 20, 2017

Star-type discharge device as a special unloading equipment, in cleaning and cleaning work has played a great role, so we need to sum up some of its characteristics, so that you can better the star-type discharge to achieve a comprehensive understanding and maintenance, to play its greatest ability. Star discharge device is dust removal equipment ash, air supply and other equipment to feed the main equipment, star-shaped discharge feeder for powder materials and material materials.
For environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food, food and other industrial sectors widely used. Star-type Discharge feeder (also known as rigid wheel feeder, star feeders, wind off, rotating feeder, etc.) is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other departments as all kinds of dust removal equipment ash Bucket discharging device, star-type discharge feeder depends on the gravity of the material and feeder working mechanism of the mandatory role, the material in the warehouse unloading and continuous evenly feeding the next device. can also be used as a variety of grinding machine, dryer, silo and other equipment to discharge device, suitable for dry powder and small-shaped materials. According to the amount of discharge required to produce a variety of types of ash removal valve is the smallest YJD-02 type commonly used is the YJD-06 type and YJD-16 type. The discharging device is divided into three parts, the motor, the cycloidal needle wheel deceleration and the rotary Dragon type Ash discharging valve.
(1) Star-type unloading capacity is strong, resistance to impact inertia force is small, suitable for starting frequent and anyway turn.
(2) Star-type discharge device is superior in sealing performance, uniform and stable feeding, smooth discharging, low noise, less fault, long service life and high abrasion resistance.
(3) Star unloader bearing, tooth box, away from the valve body, to avoid the effects of high temperature dust, front and rear end cover sealing performance, prevent dust leakage, prolong the service life of the motor parts, lubrication system.
(4) Star-type discharge through the use of the principle of planetary rotation, input and output axes on the same axis, but also with the motor directly linked to the uniqueness of the structure of compact shape beautiful novel, small size, light weight.
5 Star Discharge Feeder according to user needs to configure special motor, such as explosion-proof, FM, speed regulation, marine motor, etc. to meet the special requirements of users. In the material can also be based on user needs for special processing, such as high temperature, corrosion resistance, stainless steel, flexible blades, explosion-proof impeller and so on.
Star-type discharge is commonly used in the pneumatic output system, for the pressure output system or negative pressure output system, star-type discharge can be uniform, continuous feeding pipe feed. In order to ensure the pneumatic output tube of gas and solid, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and at the same time, the discharge of the upper and lower air pressure partition to play the role of lock. Therefore, star-type discharge feeder is an important part in pneumatic conveying system.