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The Advantages Of Clamps And The Requirements For Classification
May 15, 2018

In the process of operation, the clamp mainly adopts two steel wires encircling a ring-shaped product. In the process of operation, the clamp has the advantages of attractive appearance, convenient use and the like, the seal performance of the clamp ring is strong, and the hooping force is strong. To a certain extent, it is mainly used for the connection fastening of common hoses, nylon plastic hoses, cloth hoses, and hoses, etc. for diesel engine, gasoline engine, vehicle, ship, machine tool, fire-fighting, and other mechanical equipment and chemical equipment. And sealed.
Clamp classification
Clamps can be divided into: stainless steel double wire clamps, carbon steel double wire clamps, phosphor bronze double wire clamps, galvanized double wire clamps, and nickel-plated double wire clamps.
The advantages of clamps
In the process of operation, the connection of the grooved pipe fittings is very simple and does not require special expertise when used. To an extent, ordinary workers can effectively operate through their simple training. The main reason is that its products have already incorporated a large number of sophisticated technical parts into finished products in a factory-based manner.A pipe fitting connection takes only a few minutes, which simplifies the technical difficulty of on-site operation and saves man-hours. This also stabilizes the project quality and improves work efficiency. This is also the general direction of the development of installation technology.
When the clamp is in operation, the conventional welding and flange connection of the pipeline connection method do not require welding skills with corresponding skills during the operation, and the time-consuming operation of the workers is difficult and welding fumes are present. Pollution. Due to the difference in operating space and welding skills, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results in terms of welding quality and appearance, which affects the overall quality of the project.
In the clamp band, due to its grooved pipe fittings being a part of the product, the required operation space on the site is small, and the installation on the wall can be truly realized. The difficulty in operation is greatly reduced, thereby saving the occupied area. , To beautify the effect of pipeline installation.