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Star-type Discharge Hot Goods Sold Nationwide
Jul 20, 2017

Star-type discharge feeder is used to install the discharging material at the discharge of the unloading device under the negative pressure, and the upper part receives the discharging material, and depends on the rotating impeller to play the role of conveying materials, also bear the role of sealing, to prevent pneumatic conveying in the process from the discharge of air inhalation, to ensure that the normal discharge feeder as a special unloading equipment, in the cleaning and cleaning work played a great role. So we need to sum up some of its characteristics, so that you can better the star-type discharge to achieve a comprehensive understanding and maintenance, to play its greatest ability.
 Star-type discharge device can be used in the collection of material systems, as the hopper hopper discharge. Star Unloader is the most advanced unloading device in China, which is used as one of the most important equipment in dedusting system. Star discharge valve structure is composed of motor, tooth difference planetary reducer or pin-wheel cycloid reducer and rotary-type unloading device. Star discharge valve can be quantitatively and continuously discharged material, is an important part of pneumatic conveying system. It is uniform, continuous feeding pipe feeding, to ensure that the gas output tube, the discharge feeder, the lower air pressure partition to the lock gas.

1, star Type discharging valve is commonly used in the pneumatic output system, for the pressure output system or the negative pressure output system, star-type discharging valve can be evenly, continuously to feed pipe feeding. In order to ensure the gas and solid in the output tube is relatively stable, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally, at the same time, the unloading device can be separated from the upper and lower air pressure to lock the air. Therefore, star-type discharging valve is an important part of pneumatic conveying system.

2. When the material of the upper silo is filled in the gap between the blades, it is discharged in the lower part with the rotation of the blades. Therefore, the star-type discharging valve can be discharged quantitatively and continuously.

3, star-type discharging valve can be used in the collection of material systems, as the hopper of the discharge feeder. It is especially suitable for dust, small granular materials, by environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, cement, road building, drying equipment and other industrial projects preferred selection.