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Stainless Steel Elbow Welding Construction Operation
May 10, 2018

When the stainless steel elbow is used, the welding connection method is usually used, so the construction requires the relevant professionals to operate. Improper welding can result in tight seals and corrosion of welds. The elbow needs to be rust-proof or anti-corrosion treatment according to the actual situation or the external environment of the pipeline after the welding construction operation is completed, so as to avoid the rust or corrosion of the elbow at the weld seam, and the service life of the elbow is too short.


Before butt welding of steel butt welds, butt weld butt welds of middle-dimension butt welds to avoid welding deformation, after aligning the two ends of the outermost tile on both sides of the elbow as a whole, stainless steel arc plates and keels are used. Reinforced. In accordance with conventional welding methods, argon-filled welding is required. Considering the welding cost and the large waist diameter of the shrimp, it is difficult to charge argon. The above factors are used to weld both the inside and outside welders at the same time and symmetrically. The problem of argon filling is solved and the forming is also very good.


Argon welding welding process. The welding rod selection A022, welding wire selection: HOOCr21Nil0. The lower layer is made by argon arc welding. Before the welding operation, brush chalk stone in the range of 100mm on the left and right sides of the weld to prevent spatter from adhering to the surface of the pipe. Before the welding operation, a small current was used. Multi-layer multi-channel, continuous welding. After the whole welding is completed, the welding spot and spatter on the surface of the butt-welding elbow are ground, non-destructive testing is performed on the prefabricated welded tile, and the surfaces of the inner and outer welds are pickled and passivated, and the pickling is completed. Elbow transported to the installation site for final site installation