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Six Actions Of Speeding Up The Rapid Development Of China's Valve Industry
Jul 20, 2017

In view of the gap with the foreign valve industry, our valve industry should seriously think, in order to improve our development of some of the problems, to overcome the development of the problem of harmony, to find the appropriate development point, and jointly promote the revitalization of the valve industry and improve. To this end, it is suggested that valve enterprises should turn the challenge into opportunity, find their own position, and focus on exploiting domestic and foreign markets to resolve the adverse effects of the crisis. For the valve enterprises in China, the most important thing is to further improve product quality and technical content, only solid foundation, tireless exploration and innovation, China's valve brand can be renowned overseas.

First, there must be a sense of innovation. With a sense of innovation, will encourage enterprises to make a hard, seize the opportunity. Wenzhou and other areas of the valve industry has a lot of enterprises also use the family workshop model, the need to establish modern management concepts, including market awareness, service awareness, competition awareness, crisis awareness. In the development of the market, including the establishment of publicity platform, the promotion of media selection and delivery, customer search, the establishment of new customer relations, business communication and communication, the emergence of new orders and so on, there should be long-term planning and response measures. Valve industry also attaches great importance to technology development and innovation, and focus on the formation of technology development and innovation mechanism.

And the core of enterprise innovation is "technological innovation", an enterprise has no vitality, first look at the production of this enterprise has no vitality, High-tech, advanced products, the enterprise brings development and benefits, and the backward elimination of products on the enterprise bring only decline and bankruptcy, above we have mentioned, the current majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, do not want to go independent innovation, brain, develop new products, always greedy convenience, you learn me, I learn you, do not know the vitality of the product, market share, etc. To impact the market, resulting in disorderly competition in the market, messing up the market economy order. At present the valve market should strive to reverse "innovation is insufficient, imitate more than" bad phenomenon.

At present, valve enterprises should adhere to innovation, the restructuring of products, the transformation of traditional products, into high-end valves. The demand of the scale of enterprises must take the lead in this effort to strive to the domestic current one-third to foreign procurement of valve products, gradually strive to come over, improve the level of the domestic valve industry and competitiveness, and small enterprises, one is to go the specialized production, do a good job of a factory, do fine, work hard to improve management, improve the process tooling, improve product quality and taste and competitiveness. Many of the world's successful enterprises are from small to large, from weak to strong, to develop into a strong vitality of large companies, no one is not to achieve continuous innovation, so the strength of the enterprise innovation ability will ultimately determine the competitiveness of enterprises and enterprise efficiency and effectiveness. Thus comprehensively improve the quality of the valve industry and image.

Second, efforts to open up domestic and foreign valve market: enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets is a continuous self-improvement, development process, in fact, is also the process of enterprise development and growth. At this stage, the relevant enterprises should take "two legs" in accordance with the actual situation of the strategy, pay attention to international and domestic development of two markets. The use of this market development strategy, to a certain extent, reduce the operating risk, so that enterprises steadily, and gradually expand the target market range, to the enterprise to lay a solid foundation.

Third, strengthen cost control to solve the competitive pressure. The process of cost control is the process of calculating, adjusting and supervising the consumption of valve enterprises in the process of production and operation by using the principle of system engineering, and it is also a process of discovering the weak link, tapping the internal potential and finding all possible ways to reduce the cost. For domestic manufacturing enterprises, it is essential to organize and implement cost control scientifically, to improve business management, to change management mechanism, to improve the quality of enterprises, and to make enterprises develop and grow in the environment of fierce market competition. Adjust capacity structure, intension expands development.

IV. Accelerate the efficient integration of resources and transformation. After the first 10 years of benign development, has laid a foundation for further development, thus containing the valve industry to achieve structural adjustment of the benign balance advantage. With the deepening of market economy, China's valve industry encountered "low, small, scattered" and many other problems, industrial development encountered difficulties. Some small and medium-sized enterprises, which rely on low price competition and brand effect, are struggling to close the brink of collapse. There is no way in the world, in recent years valve enterprises realize that breaking through the current industrial dilemma, we must speed up the pace of joint reorganization. Wenzhou valve Industry Some pioneers bravely chose the "joint reorganization, to seek new development" road, has been successful, in order to achieve the goal of complementary resources and common development, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand the living space, but also out of the new "+" The combination of innovative advantages of the way.

Five, to update the concept of "small rich both" conservative concept, learning Wenzhou people dare to take risks, the courage to innovate the spirit of hard work, do a good job in upgrading the enterprise technical transformation, and comprehensively improve the overall equipment level. and increased input. Increase the input of new product research and development, especially to increase the input of basic research on valve products, to improve the technical content and added value of valve products, and to create the necessary conditions for the maximization of enterprise profit. and change the system. At present the valve enterprise all is the private joint-stock enterprise, the management idea is advanced, the management method is nimble. Therefore, the reform system, as soon as possible to achieve the enterprise shareholding system and management personnel professionalization is imperative, so that employees change shareholders, change me to do for me, further improve staff and management staff enthusiasm, realize the leap-forward development of enterprises.

Speed up the cultivation of talents to promote the progress of the industry: at present, the era of knowledge economy or strategic competition, the competition of enterprises is the talent competition, people-oriented, talent has unprecedented importance. At present, China's valve enterprises in the technical and managerial personnel is relatively scarce, the overall quality of staff is also lower, especially the development of Western industry and rise, outsiders only gradually reduced, so the valve industry and other industries, has begun to appear high, medium and low and workers talent crisis, cited only difficult, has caused the main valve enterprise bosses attach great importance, they are seriously thinking how to open up the road to talent. Enterprises from now on, to further tap the resources and potential of talent to develop human resources, and strive to strengthen personnel training, talent, attract talent, the use of talent, adhere to the people-oriented, using a variety of methods and ways to stimulate mental and physical workers enthusiasm, wisdom and creativity, for enterprise development and industry progress.