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Several Problems In The Rapid Development Of Profiled Steel Tube
Jul 20, 2017

Because of the wide range of application of profiled steel pipe, this has promoted the rapid development of profiled steel tube production.
Shaped steel pipe development is the main link is the product variety, including the cross-section shape, material and performance, a special-shaped steel pipe plant (or workshop) of the product variety, often in all metal pressure processing factories and mines first. A foreign special-shaped steel pipe factory products up to more than 8,000 kinds, a factory in China is the production of cold drawn pipe, the product is relatively single, nearly more than 10 years of acceptance of special-shaped steel pipe, the product cross-section, specifications and varieties developed to more than 2,100 species, almost every year to increase the number of new varieties to hundreds of kinds. It is not the same as the general steel pipe plant products more and more specialization and the main goal of the production indicators on the output characteristics are different. Profiled steel pipe production is characterized by many varieties, small batches, mobile spiritual words. Of course, also do not repel for some more mature, need a larger variety to achieve specialized production.
Shaped steel pipe material not only has a variety of carbon, structural steel, low Taiwan gold steel, there are all kinds of high alloy, stainless steel, high-temperature platform gold, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, beryllium and other metals and their alloys.
Extrusion method is one of the effective methods for producing profiled steel pipe, it is suitable for producing all kinds of profiled pipes and profiles of different sections and materials, and in recent years has set up a number of hundreds of tons to 3150 tons of extruder. This is not enough, in order to be able to produce a wide variety of profiled steel pipe, but also must have a variety of production methods, therefore, in recent years, our country in the original only cold Drawing Machine Foundation, Wei newly built a roll, squeeze, hydraulic, spinning, rolling, tandem rolling and rotary forging and other dozens of kinds of production equipment, and constantly improve and create new equipment and technology. In addition, the technical strength of the training and production technology research. It is also the key to the production of profiled steel pipe.
The development foreground of special-shaped steel pipe production is very broad, it is also urgent to develop the law of metal deformation, calculate the ability correctly, give full play to the production potential and improve the product quality.