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Powder Cyclone Separator Usage Characteristics
Jun 06, 2018

The cyclone separator has the advantages of attractive appearance, compact structure, low noise, easy use, and stable operation. To a certain extent, due to the fact that its shaft is formed and the gear box is separated from the housing for a certain distance, it will be subject to high temperature lubrication to some extent. There is a big improvement.


cyclone separator are often used in pneumatic output systems. For a pressure output system or a negative pressure output system, the entire equipment can feed the feeding pipe uniformly and continuously, so that the gas in the pneumatic output pipe can be effectively ensured. The solid is relatively stable, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and at the same time, the air pressure of the upper and lower parts of the unloader can be cut off to play the role of air lock.


When the cyclone separator is in operation, its dust is dropped by gravity, and it is filled to some extent with the star blade space above and on the side. The blade rotor is driven by the motor through the shaft of the reducer, and the impeller rotates to the lower dust during operation. By unloading on its own weight, the temperature of the material conveyed by the temperature-resistant type can reach 280°C. The bearings at both ends are isolated from the impeller, which can prevent the ultra-fine powder from contacting the bearing. High-temperature unloader conveying material temperature up to 500 °C, using sprocket connection, reducer and unloader housing a certain distance.

Vibration unloader usage characteristics

1. The vibratory unloader has a large improvement in high temperature and lubrication due to the distance between the gear box and the bearing and the distance from the housing.

2. The man-made mechanical manufacturing can also be designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements (stent couplings belt chain drive)

3. This product uses special grease for reducer No.00, please check regularly and add fuel.

 Vibratory unloader is very suitable for use in the bottom of the flour, chemical, feed and pharmaceutical similar to flour powder material discharge, when used, the vibration motor is the source, drive the hopper high frequency vibration, The central part of the unloading hopper is provided with a conical unloading tray, which promotes the material in the hopper to flow out of the outlet slowly and evenly, and has the function of preventing the material in the hopper from knotting. It is an ideal bottom unloading equipment.