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Positive Pressure Delivery Dual Valve Structure Features
Jun 12, 2018

Positive pressure transmission dual valve is generally applied to the light industry, power, mining, petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy and other fields in the process of operation, to a certain extent, mainly for its high-pressure pneumatic conveying cement, limestone, cement raw materials In the piping system of pulverized material such as pulverized coal, the manual flashing valve functions as a conveying reversal and is generally installed at the bifurcation of the pipe.

Positive Pressure Delivery Dual Valve Structure Features

The two-way transmission valve for positive pressure transmission two-way valve, in the process of operation, its internal reversal is mainly the use of its rotary valve plate, which is mainly pressure regulating device to effectively control its valve plate and sealing surface during production. The anastomosis, in the operation of the model, the shape of the valve disc adopts the form of knife edge to remove the attachments on the sealing surface during the movement to ensure the sealing performance. The valve has the advantages of perfect structure, flexible reversing, reliable, and good airtightness. Wear and so on, and the conveying channel is smooth and smooth, no jamming, ensuring smooth fluid.

Positive Pressure Delivery Dual Valve Operation

Positive pressure delivery two-way valve to a certain extent, mainly by the rotating valve disc, adjusting device, left and right valve body and positioning cam and other components. In operation, its manual hand-operated handwheel will drive the turbine attachment drive lever,

The valve plate moves together to make the valve in a straight or branch position, and the dial feeds back the position of the valve plate; when the drive device is instructed to act, the operating lever is driven, the valve plate is acted together, the valve is in a straight-through or branch position, and is manually flashed The valve feeds back the position signal at the same time, the positioning cam mechanism actuates the electric switch and feedbacks the signal when the valve disc is in place.

The use of positive pressure delivery dual valve

1. The positive pressure delivery dual valve should pay attention to the flow direction of the medium when it is installed. To a certain extent, the impurities and stains in the cavity must be removed. The sealing gasket must be added to the two flange connections, and then tighten the bolts evenly.

2. The valve transmission part and bearing seat should be independent of the pipeline and not be subjected to the pipeline device. Measures must be taken to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline.


The components and parts of the stainless steel evaporator should be properly assembled. The deformation and loosening of the components of the stainless steel evaporator must not occur during operation. The protective layers of the components and parts of the equipment should be firm, uniform and clean. Layer, rust and other defects. The evaporator and the mounting frame should be easy to install and enable the evaporator not to be disconnected due to wind forces during normal use.


The solution in the heating chamber of the stainless steel evaporator does not boil in the heating tube due to the static pressure exerted by the liquid column of the boiling chamber. When it is used, the pressure in the heating chamber rises until it rises to the boiling chamber. Only after boiling can it begin, so that the boiling vaporization of the solution moves from the heating chamber to the boiling chamber without the heat transfer surface, thereby avoiding the formation of crystals or dirt in the heating tube.