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Performance Characteristics Of Screw Conveyor
Jul 20, 2017

In the screw conveyor, the friction of the material groove is caused by the material's own gravity, while in the vertical screw conveyor, the friction of the conveying pipe wall is mainly caused by the material rotating centrifugal force. Screw Conveyor (mobile belt conveyor) by rotating the helical shaft with helical blades, the material produces a relative motion along the helical surface, and the friction of the material is not rotated with the screw with the material trough or the conveying pipe wall, thus the material is axially propelled to realize the delivery of the material.
Screw conveyor has the following characteristics:
First, the structure is simpler, the cost is lower.
Second, reliable work, simple maintenance and management.
Three, compact size, small section size, small footprint. It is easy to enter and exit the hatches and carriages in the port unloading operation.
Four, can realize the seal transportation, is advantageous to the transportation easy-flying, the hot and the strong smell material, may reduce to the environment pollution, the improvement port worker's working condition.
V. Easy loading and unloading. A horizontal screw conveyor can be unloaded at any point on its conveying line; the relative rotary feeding device of the vertical screw conveyor can have excellent performance, and the ability of automatic feeding can be used as the reclaimer of other type of ship unloader in port.
Six, can reverse transport, can also make a conveyor at the same time to two of the direction of conveying materials, that is set to the center or away from the center.
Seven, unit energy consumption is larger.
VIII. The material is easy to grind and wear in the process of conveying, and the wear of spiral vane and material trough is more serious.
Screw conveyor in conveying form is divided into axial screw conveyor and no axis screw conveyor Two kinds, on the outside type is divided into U-type screw conveyor and pipe-type screw conveyor. The axial screw conveyor is suitable for the adhesive-free dry powder materials and small granular materials. (For example: Cement, fly ash, lime, grain, etc.) and no shaft screw conveyor suitable for conveyor by viscous and easy winding materials. (For example: sludge, biomass, garbage, etc.) the working principle of screw conveyor is the rotating spiral vane to carry the material through the screw conveyor transmission, so that the material is not with the screw conveyor blades rotating force is the material itself weight and screw conveyor casing friction resistance. Screw Conveyor rotating axis of the spiral vane, the face of the blade according to the different materials of the delivery of physical face, belt type, leaf type and other types.