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Introduction Of Pneumatic Conveying System
Jul 20, 2017

Pneumatic conveying is a comprehensive technology, it involves fluid mechanics, materials science, automation technology, manufacturing technology and other fields, is a high transmission efficiency, occupy less land, economic and non-polluting High-tech projects.

The wind-off device is an important equipment in pneumatic conveying and ventilating dust removal system, which is mainly used in the material discharging of the system, and the pneumatic conveying system is continuously discharged by rotating the impeller.

or dust removal equipment, while avoiding the outside air into the pneumatic conveying system and dust removal equipment, the quality of the wind off device can be very good to reduce energy consumption, improve system efficiency and protect the environment.

Seal pressure door off wind (referred to as pressure door) it relies on the accumulation of a certain height of the material to maintain gas tightness requirements. It is simple in structure, easy to make, no need for transmission.

The disadvantage is the need to have a higher vertical height, otherwise easy to air leakage, for powder material effect is poor.

Pneumatic conveying System
High efficiency, small footprint, economy without pollution
Dilute phase, dense phase, half thick equal system.
Positive pressure, negative pressure, positive and negative pressure combination system

1. Introduction
The rapid development of economy, the production of all walks of life is also expanding, some industries such as thermal power plants, chemical plants, cement plants, pharmaceutical factories, grain processing plants and other raw materials, powder particles in the transmission of production projects generated by the environmental pollution has been more and more attention. Pneumatic conveying technology has been gradually promoted. Pneumatic conveying is an important part of clean production, it is a kind of process of replacing traditional mechanical conveying material with sealed conveying pipeline, and it is a modern logistics system suitable for bulk conveying. will replace the traditional mechanical conveying with a strong advantage.

2. Features
Pneumatic conveying is a fully-enclosed pipe conveying system
Flexible layout
No pollution two times
Easy material transportation and recovery, no leakage
Pneumatic conveying system with a strong advantage. will replace the traditional mechanical transmission.
Computer control, high degree of automation

Pneumatic conveying form:
Positive pressure pneumatic conveying system: general working pressure of 0.1~0.5MPa
Negative pressure pneumatic conveying system: General working pressure is -0.04~0. $number MPa