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How Does The Permanent Magnet Iron Remover Choose?
Jul 20, 2017

In the permanent magnetic separator, the composite magnetic system is composed of high coercive force, high residual magnetism and special permanent magnet "ND-FE-B". With maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, easy to use, reliable operation and other advantages. Applicable to the belt conveyor, vibration conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder, the next material chute in the non-magnetic material except iron. Clear 0.1~35 kg of ferromagnetic material, the internal permanent magnetic system for more than 10 years of life. When the permanent magnet adsorption iron magnetic material more, artificial use non-magnetic scraper removal or wearing gloves to remove, suitable for continuous work, less iron occasions.
The permanent magnetic separator is divided into: suspended permanent magnet iron remover, self unloading type permanent magnet iron remover, Manual permanent Magnetic separator, pipe type permanent magnet iron remover and many other types, then, the permanent magnet remover is based on what to choose the model? There are a few specific points:
1. Working environment (space size);
2, the work flow, for example, have no negative pressure, continuous or intermittent. ;
3, in addition to iron content, according to the iron content and iron particle size to determine the intensity of the magnetic field.
4, conveyor bandwidth, through the conveyor bandwidth to determine the specifications of the iron remover;
5, material properties, for example: dry or wet.