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Development Trend Of National Standard Stamping Elbow Pipe
Jul 20, 2017

GB stamping elbow material not only has a qualified creep curve, and its pipe price is moderate, construction relative to other varieties convenient, fast, the form of connection is the most reliable at this stage of the form of fusion hot-melt connection, pipe parts of the aperture is greater than the same size pipe diameter, in the system because there is no local shrinkage of mechanical connection, so the system fluid resistance is relatively small.
GB stamping elbow and other stamping elbow performance comparison:
1, long-term pressure-resistant performance, only from the design stress, the national standard stamping elbow pressure performance is the best. However, due to various factors, the actual wall thickness of the floor heating pipe is usually 2mm. And in this wall thickness of various types of pipe can meet the requirements of floor heating, GB stamping elbow pipe Pressure advantages are not reflected;
2, thermal conductivity: For the floor heating pipes need to have good thermal conductivity.
3, Low-temperature heat shock resistance: PE--RT and PEX resistance to low-temperature impact performance is better. During the winter construction, the tubing is not easy to be impacted and burst, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangement.
4, environmental protection: RT can be recycled, do not pollute the environment. and PEX can not be recycled will produce two of pollution;
5, processing performance Stability: Pex existence control crosslinking degree and crosslinking uniformity, and so on, the processing of complex and processing directly affect the properties of the tube.

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