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Y- tee pipe fitting specific role and material and its internal pressure effect
Mar 16, 2018

1. What is the role of the Y- tee pipe fitting?

The Y pipe fitting is used to transport liquids and gases, and at the same time, it can change the flow direction of the medium. Moreover, its role, as with ordinary three-way pipe, no difference. Among the materials that can be used, there are mainly cast iron, cast steel, cast copper, cast aluminum and plastic.


2. Y- tee pipe fitting, are there generally several imports and exports?

 The Y-shaped three-way pipe generally has one inlet and two outlets, or two inlets and one outlet. It may not be all imported or exported. As for the three ports on the three-way pipe, it may be different in terms of pipe diameter. It is not mandatory that all of them should be kept all the time, that is, they can be equal-pipe nozzles or they can be different. Diameter nozzle.


3. Which type of application should be widely used for T-type and Y-type tees?

T-type tees and Y-type tees, in terms of application, from the current point of view, Y-type tees should be extensive, and more commonly used. Because, the T-type three-way pipe is a 90-degree three-way pipe, and the Y-type three-way pipe is a 45-degree three-way pipe. As for the Y-type three-way pipe, its material can be divided into two major categories, metal and nonmetal, and their implementation standards are not the same.


4. Will the internal pressure generated during the use of the thin-walled Y-shaped tee be adversely affected?

Thin-walled Y-shaped tee, whether it has adverse effects on the internal pressure generated during use, mainly depends on the actual situation, and the flow of different media in the tee, because different media in three The internal pressure generated in the management is not the same, so based on this situation, no specific answer can be given to this issue.

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