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wye pipe fittings design features
Dec 25, 2018

In the structural design, the wye pipe fittings is a Y-shaped pipe designed to have a certain angle, and the sealing surface of the valve seat has a certain angle with the inlet and outlet passages. The form of the discharge port is designed to be connected with a pipe. The valve body cavity is provided with a flushing and corrosion-resistant protective plate. When the valve is opened, the valve body can be protected from being washed and corroded by the medium.


The main design features of wye pipe fittingss:


The product is designed with a straight-through design to reduce flow resistance. Moreover, the spherical seal is used in the sealing pair to make the sealing surface line contact, ensuring the reliability of the sealing and preventing crusting. The overall has high wear resistance and erosion resistance. The valve has an inverted seal design to ensure that the stuffing box has no media leakage, reliable sealing performance, and the filler can be replaced online.


The structural design of the wye pipe fittings discharge port belongs to the pipe connection, so when the valve is opened in practical application, the valve body can be protected from being washed and corroded by the medium, and has excellent performances such as high wear resistance and corrosion

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