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What steels are included in special quality Non-alloy steels?
Jul 20, 2017

Special quality non-alloy steels mainly include:
1) to ensure hardenability of non-alloy steel, such as GB 5216 carbon steel.
2) to ensure the thickness of the direction of the performance of non-alloy steel, such as GB 5313 specified in the non-alloy steel.
3) Special Non-alloy steel for railways, such as GB 5068, GB 8601, GB 8602, axle billet, wheel, tyre steel.
4) Special Non-alloy structural steels such as aviation and weapon.
5) non-alloy steel for nuclear power.
6) Non-alloy steel for special welding rods, such as the finished product of GB 1300, which is not more than 0.025% of the content of sulphur and phosphorus.
7) carbon spring steel, such as the GB1222 specified in non-alloy steel and GB 699 in the 70 steel ~85 steel, 65Mn, 70Mn Steel.
8) Special Wire rod steel and steel for steel wire, such as GB 4355, GB 4358 of the piano wire rod and steel wire.
9) Special Easy cutting steel.
10) carbon tool steel and steel for hollow steel, such as GB1298, GB 1301 carbon tool steel and hollow steel steel.
11) Electromagnetic pure iron, such as GB 6983, GB 6984, GB 6985 has specified electromagnetic performance of pure iron.
12) Pure iron of raw material, such as the finished product of GB 9971, which is very low in content of sulphur and phosphorus.

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