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What is the role of Stainless steel pipe flange?a
Jan 23, 2018

It is clear that the stainless steel pipe flange is a piece of stainless steel material that connects the tube to the pipe at the same time, essentially to the pipe end. As a disc-shaped part, stainless steel flat seat is the most common in plumbing works, it is usually used in pairs and matching flange on the valve.


In practice, different pressure stainless steel pipe flange with different thickness and use different bolts, usually low-pressure small diameter silk stainless steel flat seat, high pressure and low pressure large diameter are welded stainless steel flat seat to ensure that the entire system Sealing.


The role of stainless steel pipe flange is also diverse, it can not only be used to connect the pipeline and to maintain pipeline sealing performance; but also to facilitate the replacement of a section of pipe; easy to open the inspection pipeline conditions; The closure, etc., to simplify people's operations.


The reason why the choice of stainless steel, it is because the material for a variety of media have good corrosion resistance, even the stainless steel flat seat for contact with corrosive media, it can also maintain good performance, making the entire system Always handle the sealed condition.


Stainless steel pipe flange connection easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure in industrial pipe, stainless steel flat seat connection is widely used. In the home, the pipe is small and of low pressure and the stainless steel flat-seat connection can not be seen. However, if in a boiler room or at the production site, stainless steel flat-bottomed pipes and fittings are everywhere.


Therefore, to sum up, stainless steel pipe flange is to make the pipe fittings fixed and sealed parts, its material is mainly stainless steel, with excellent performance of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure and temperature, is widely used in piping systems.

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