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What is the MAYK 2 way diverter valve?
Nov 24, 2017

The MAYK 2 way diverter valve refers to the components of the pneumatic conveying system which transfer the transmission line. Intelligent design of the two-circuit valve can optimize transportation lines of the powder and granular material in the grain, food and feed industr. The MAYK two-circuit valve has multiple models, which can be suitable for the delivery of various materials.

The compact design of the MAYK Two-Way Diverter  can save space, compatible with the ISO (low-carbon steel) and the diameter of the mm (stainless steel). It can be directly connected to the pipeline, and does  not need a conical transition section. Its pneumatic actuator device can be installed on the left or right side, and will not be limited by the installation space.

双路阀图1.jpgThe MAYK Two-Way Diverter is currently used to meet the highest hygienic requirements. The AYK two-circuit valve that meets the FDA's requirements can also meet the highest hygienic standards. Gray iron version is generally applicable in powder and non-corrosive materials. Nickel version is suitable for mild corrosive materials, and stainless steel version is suitable for salt and heavy corrosive materials.

The special version of sugar is designed for high wear resistant versions of items such as oats and grains that are not cleaned up, so that it can  guarantee a relatively good health level. For materials with high hygiene requirements, a special reinforced version of MAYK two-circuit valve also can be provided. This version uses the teflon mechanical seal components, which can prevent the contamination of materials, and ensure that the product can achieve the highest purity.

The MAYK  2 way control valve  is more convenient to install and maintain. The optional standard hanging device makes the installation of the MAYK two-circuit valve more simple. The pneumatic actuator device uses the double action air cylinder which has superior performance or almost does not need to be maintained.

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