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What is the function of the rotary airlock valve? How to maintain it?
Dec 23, 2017

From the structure analysis, the rotary airlock valve belongs to a multi format rotary feeder with excellent sealing performance. In other words, it is not only able to discharge the material continuously, but also has excellent sealing and wear resistance. It is mainly composed of the valve body, the feeding groove, the rotor, the seal pair, the frame and the trolley and the driving device. It is usually set at the bottom position of the dry quenching furnace, the feeding port is connected with the vibratory feeder, the outlet and the coke discharge chute.

The benefits of this arrangement will be able to discharge the coke from the material given by the feeder in a more sealed case. So, how to maintain the rotary airlock valve during the daily use? I believe a lot of users are more concerned about this problem. Let's take a look at the specific content.

One of the first problems to be noticed is to start and shut down the rotary airlock valve as required. For example, during the process of stopping, if there is coke inside, or the vibrator still remains coke exhaust, it will cause the problem of rotor jam.

Similarly, during the start-up process, if there is coke in it, it will probably cause the shaft side of the rotary airlock valve to be subjected to unilateral impact force through the unilateral chain drive. So it is bound to cause greater damage to the rotary valve bearing, driving motor, chain and so on.

In the use of rotary airlock valve, it is also necessary to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance management. That is to say, the staff need to check the wear of the rotor liner and bolt regularly. If the wear is serious, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the main body integrity of the rotating sealing valve.

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