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What are the uses, types and advantages of the tee pipe?
Jul 21, 2018

The tee pipe is a pipe interface with three openings, one inlet and two outlets, which are used to change the direction of the airflow. They are often used to transport liquids and gases in life, and can also be used in water pipelines. good helper. Common tee pipes can be divided into four major categories, namely malleable cast iron tee pipe, cast iron tee pipe, steel pipe tee pipe, high pressure tee pipe.


The malleable cast iron tee pipe is used for the upper and lower water pipes of the heating, as well as the gas pipe of the gas tank; the cast iron tee pipe is cast from cast iron and can be divided into drainage pipes according to the intercepting method to prevent pipe blockage and for outdoor use. Cast iron pipe.


The steel pipe tee pipe is made by mechanical heating to make a tee pipe, etc. The process is troublesome, and the tee pipe must be directly welded when it is used. The high-pressure tee pipes can also be divided into two types, one for welding high-pressure tee pipes and the other for forging high-pressure tee pipes.


Compared with other pipes, the tee pipe is characterized by strong material, no rot, and durability. It can be used in any environment, and has the advantages of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the quality of the tee pipe when choosing, to compare more, and then to make a purchase.

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