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What are the the maintenance contents of the vibro discharger?
Nov 10, 2017

The vibro discharger  is a discharge device specially installed at the bottom of the storage bin to control the discharge amount. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the unloading, it is necessary to carry out proper and reasonable maintenance to reduce the possibility of failure.

When the  Vibrating discharger is still in the process of transportation and installation, it should be kept smooth, and the shell fracture deformation caused by collision should be avoided. Before use, it also needs to add the lubricating oil to the hopper discharger. If the temperature is high, wet or excessive dust in the air, the oil change time should be shortened properly.


When the silo discharger is in use, such as air leakage in axial and ash leakage, it is necessary to strengthen the material pressing cover. In order to avoid the overload operation of the equipment due to the large material particle and strong adhesive force, it is recommended that the user should inspect and install the overload safeguard in time.
The main shaft of the rotary silo discharger is equipped with a stuffing box at the front end. In order to ensure the sealing of this part is reliable, so the mechanical sealing device should be arranged in the bearing seat. In general, it is normal for the hopper discharger to have a small amount of leakage at the beginning of the operation.
After using for a long period of time, the vibro discharger must be removed and cleaned with diesel oil. At the same time, check whether the contact surface is damaged. If there is damage, the new bearing must be replaced. Install the ball bearing on the side of the impeller. The side with the dust cover should face the impeller.

In addition, the Vibrating discharger does not allow the sluice valve to be used to adjust the flow rate, so as to avoid gas etching, thereby shortening the service life of the discharger. According to the above requirements and specifications to maintain  the hopper discharger, make it better play its due role.

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