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What are the daily maintenance contents of the screw conveyor
Jan 31, 2019

Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw conveyor has better performance characteristics, and it has small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading, safe operation and maintenance. Simple and other advantages. As a user, in the process of using the screw conveyor, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to cooperate with the sand dryer to the maximum extent, to ensure the production volume and efficiency, and to extend the service life of the equipment.


In the maintenance work, firstly, the lubricating oil should be added to the transmission parts such as the bearings, gears and chains of the screw conveyor. After the box feeder is deactivated, the spiral blade wear condition should be checked, and the welding should be repaired when the wear is serious. The conveying amount should not be overloaded, otherwise the material will not be discharged, causing the screw shaft to bend and the box to rise.


When using a screw conveyor to transport a medium with high degree of discomfort, the operator needs to pay close attention to whether the expansion and contraction of the box is free and there is no jam, and if there is any solution. When the conveyor is running and the noise is harsh, it should be covered and checked to eliminate the

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