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What are the components of stainless steel tees?
May 18, 2018

The stainless steel three-way components are firmly connected and relatively reliable. Generally, they can reduce the processing cost, improve the competitiveness of the products, ensure the flatness and appearance of the welded joints, ensure the firmness of the connection, and improve the performance of the entire three-way components.

The stainless steel three-way component is composed of a variety of pipe fittings, including: the main pipe and the branch pipe installed on the main pipe. The branch pipe of the product includes a branch pipe body and welding edges connected to the main pipe. The welding edge of the product is arranged in an arc shape. The main pipe of the product is provided with a welding part, and the branch pipe of the product is arranged on the welding part and is connected with the main pipe through the welding edge.

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