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Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill is an ideal bottom discharge equipment
Dec 27, 2018

For the user, the Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill is a stable and easy to use bottom discharge device. The equipment can be used not only for flour, but also for the bottom discharge of powdery materials such as feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc., which uses a motor as a source to cause the material in the warehouse to flow slowly and evenly from the outlet, and has Prevent the material from arching in the warehouse.


From the structural analysis, the Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill mainly includes three parts, namely the motor, the cycloidal pinwheel deceleration and the rotary dragon type unloading valve. By adopting the principle of planetary rotation, the input and output shafts are on the same axis, and have the uniqueness of being directly connected with the motor, so that the structure is compact, novel and novel, small in size and light in weight.


Moreover, the Vibro Discharger For Flour Millr has superior sealing performance, can achieve uniform feeding during the production process, has stable operation noise, less failure, long service life and high wear resistance. In addition, special special motors can be configured according to user needs, such as explosion-proof, frequency modulation, speed regulation, marine motors, etc., to meet the special requirements of

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