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Variety of fast tube clamp and its manufacturing process
Apr 02, 2018

In the process of pipeline fixing, it is possible to use fast tube clips with different varieties, that is to say, there are many kinds of pipe clips, such as stainless steel pipe clip, galvanized pipe clamp, etc., the pipe clamp of different varieties is suitable for the pipe application of different load demand.


It is composed of plastic parts, upper and lower cover plates, screw nuts and other parts, which are made of plastic parts, upper and lower cover plates and screw nuts. The plastic body needs to be injected with different types of cutting torch, requiring the surface to be lubricated, the hardness and the resistance to the aging degree are necessary; the upper and lower cover plates are made by the press machine, and then the screws are made out of the NC machine tool. And then galvanized it.


Aluminum alloy pipe clamp is also a kind of fast tube clip. Its production way is basically the same as plastic clamp. First, it is made of aluminum alloy pipe clamp, then make other parts in turn, and finally combine it together to form a complete aluminum alloy pipe clip.


The fast pipe clip also includes the U type pipe clip, it needs to use the forging press, CNC machine tools and other equipment in the production, the first choice of high quality carbon steel, the degree of baking on the oven to a certain degree with the forging press to U type, and then galvanized.


Besides, there is a fast pipe clamp used for flat steel. Its practice is the same as that of U pipe clamp. With the development and progress of technology, the type of fast tube clip product will be more and more, its production quality will be more and more perfect and widely used in all aspects.

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