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Use of screw feeder and maintenance
May 30, 2018

The screw feeder belongs to a new type of feeding machine, which combines the functions of steady flow conveying, weighing and quantitative control of powder materials. At present, screw feeders can be used for continuous metering and batching of powder materials in various industrial production environments. Because this machine uses a number of advanced technologies, its operation is more reliable and has higher control accuracy.


Especially in the fields of building materials, metallurgy, electric power, and chemical industry, the demand for screw feeders is continuously increasing. The machine can continuously measure and mix various powder materials. In practical applications, the machine can measure the weight of passing material through the weighing bridge to determine the weight of the material on the tape. The digital speed sensor located at the tail will always measure the running speed of the feeder. The pulse output of the speed sensor is proportional to the speed of the feeder, and the speed signal and the weight signal are sent to the feeder controller together.


After processing by the controller, the cumulative/instantaneous flow rate will be displayed at the same time. For the screw feeder, the flow rate is compared with the set flow rate. The output signal of the control instrument controls the frequency converter to change the drive speed of the feeder, so that the material flow rate on the feeder changes and approaches and remains in the set. The feed flow, so as to achieve the requirements of quantitative feeding.


It should be noted that as a user, proper maintenance is required during the daily operation of the screw feeder. For example, when used for dosing and dosing, in order to ensure the uniform and stable feeding, prevent the material self-flow should be installed horizontally. If the material is continuously fed, it can be tilted by 10°. For sticky materials and materials with large water content, they can be tilted by 15°.


After the installation is complete, you must first try it out. During the operation of the screw feeder, it is also necessary to carefully check the operating status of the screw feeder, and it is necessary to constantly check the stability of the amplitude, current, and noise and find that the abnormality should be stopped in time. In addition, the electromagnetic feeder of the screw feeder is filled with lubricant every 2 months, and the lubricant should be added once a month during the high temperature season.

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