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Use of automatic two-way valve in conveying pipeline
Jul 23, 2018

Gas, fuel, water and other resources used in daily life and production are mainly pipelined, which provides great convenience for production and life. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is necessary to install an automatic two-way valve on the conveying pipe for supplying air and supplying liquid.


This new type of automatic two-way valve can solve the problem that the valve plug can not be automatically returned after the automatic shut-off valve used is closed. The entire valve includes a valve body, a valve core, a pipe and the like, wherein the valve core includes a valve stem, a self-locking plate, a self-locking spring and a marble, etc., and the matching between them can play a corresponding role.


The automatic two-way valve is installed on the conveying pipe, the fluid is pushed from the inlet pipe to push the inlet valve plug to move and compress the second return spring, the inlet is opened, the liquid enters the valve body and flows into the downstream pipe through the outlet pipe; the self-locking plate moves to another arc shape At the ring groove, the marble abuts the arcuate ring groove. The fluid quickly fills the valve body cavity, so that the pressure in the valve body cavity and the inlet pipe is equal, the fluid stops flowing, the second return spring pushes the guide sleeve and the inlet valve plug to move toward the inlet end, and the inlet valve plug extends into the nozzle of the inlet nozzle. Close the liquid inlet.


Since the outlet valve plug and the inlet valve plug of the automatic two-way valve can automatically return to the working position, the valve does not need to be removed and reset, saving time and labor, high work efficiency, and avoiding gas or fuel pollution in the valve body to pollute the environment. At the same time, the flow rate of the fluid can also be adjusted.


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