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Three types and operation advantages of the positive pressure air blower
Oct 16, 2017

The positive pressure air blower can be divided into three types, including the common type, pressing resistant type and high temperature resistant type. Generally, the common type can continuously and uniformly feed the ordinary materials which are below 80°and normal temperature  to the material transportation pipe. It can also be used as the dumper.
The pressing resistant positive pressure air blower mainly uses the enclosed type rotor, which can widely used in the inhaling-conveying mode,  pressure fed pneumatic conveying plant and negative pressure conveyer equipment. It can ensure the flow pressure in the pipeline will not leak, and can safely transport and finish materials, so in this respect it is called the air lock. It not only can withstand voltage, but also has common function.


pneumatic conveyor-air fan

Our factory has designed the high temperature resistant fitted outside structural air blower. It separates the running part from the material contact box, which can safely ensure the bearing operation and the oil seal system not be affected and work normally.
The positive pressure air blower not only can bear high temperature, but also can be used for the transportation and acceptance of the metallic powder, which has the good effect.
The positive pressure air blower is installed at the discharge port of the dumper under the negative pressure. The upper part accepts the material discharged by the dumper, and plays the role of conveying the material through the rotary impeller. It also undertakes the sealing effect, preventing the air being inhaled from the discharge gate in the pneumatic conveying process to ensure the normal discharge of the dumper.

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