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The use fields and working requirements of the vibro-discharger
Oct 13, 2017

The vibro-discharger is mainly used for the bottom unloading of flour, feed, chemical industry and pharmaceutical powder materials which are similar to flour. The vibro-discharger is mainly driven by the vibration motor, driving the high frequency vibration of the discharge hopper. The center part of the discharge hopper is equipped with a conical unloading plate, which makes the material flow slowly and evenly from the outlet, and has the function of preventing the material arching in the silo. It is an ideal unloading equipment.
The vibro-discharger is mainly composed of the motor, tooth difference planetary reduction gear and rotary dumper. The product has two series and 60 specifications. The import and export flange square of is type A, and the circular is type B. The vibro-discharger is the main equipment for dust removal, shutoff and material feed, which is suitable for powder materials and granular materials.
The vibro-discharger is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, commissariat, food and other industrial sectors. The whole equipment has compact structure, beautiful shape, convenient use and smooth running. The noise of the vibro-discharger is low, because the bearing and the gearbox leaves a distance from the shell, the high temperature and lubrication are improved greatly.
The vibro-discharger often uses the pneumatic output system. For the pressure output system or the negative pressure output system, the vibro-discharger can feed the material transportation pipe evenly and continuously. So it can ensure the gas and solid in the pneumatic output tube is stable, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally.

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silo screw dischargers

When the vibro-discharger is working, the dust falls by gravity, and the s above and the sides tar-shaped leaves are filled with the dust. The vane rotor is driven by the live shaft of the reduction box, and the dust discharges by weight when the impeller is transferred to the underpart.
The temperature of the material delivered by the thermotolerant one can reach 280℃. There is a certain distance between the bearings at the both ends and the impeller, which can prevent the ultrafine powders from touching the bearing.

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