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The use and category and structure of tee pipe fitting
Sep 26, 2017

What is the three-way tube? It is not difficult to understand, if only from a literal sense. It actually means a tube with three openings. Of these three ports, one of them is import, and the others are export. Or one of them is export, and the others are import. In fact, the three-way tube is one of the chemical pipe fittings, including T-shaped type and Y-shaped type.

Firstly, what are the main uses of the tee pipe fitting?
As a whole, the main reason for using this kind of three-way tube is to change the direction of the fluid. It is mainly used in the hydraulic pipeline, oil transportation pipeline and various liquid chemical material transportation pipelines, including medical, water conservancy, energy and building engineering fields.
Secondly, what are the categories of the three-way tube?
In order to meet the needs of different users, y tee pipe fitting products introduced in the market are also various. If it is classified according to the material, then it can be divided into two kinds: metal material and nonmetal material. The metal material includes the carbon steel, stainless steel alloy steel and so on. The nonmetal material includes the PVC, UPVC, PPR and so on.
In addition, we can also classify it according to its connection way. Then it can be divided into the buckle type and threaded connection type. According to its shape, it can be divided into the T-shaped type and herringbone one.


tee pipe fitting

Thirdly, what are the structural features of the three-way tube?
To make it easier for us to understand, we will have the metal-type three-way tube as an example to illustrate. Under normal circumstances, its array of structure includes the main tube and side tube, which keeps perpendicular to the main tube and is communicated with the main pipe side. At the same time, a valve is set up at the corner where the main tube export and the side tube export converge to meet the operating requirements.

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