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The transmission technology and application field of tube screw conveyor
Nov 29, 2017

The tube screw conveyor  is efficient, safe and reliable. The whole equipment has simple structure, complete function, good sealing, beautiful appearance and low noise.
The tube screw conveyor  advanced transmission technology such as shaft-mounted reducer and hydraulic coupler, and the head wheel is covered with glue, once stamping forming. The machine barrel of the equipment adopts the all around undercut joining Process. Screw feeder is also equipped with explosion proof motor, anti-meandering belt, stall switch and stop reverse devices.

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The application field of tube screw conveyor  is very extensive. Such equipment is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, building materials, electricity, foodstuff and food industry. The spiral feeder is very suitable for the level or less than 20° dip angle.
The tube screw conveyor is not suitable to transport perishable, caking and large viscous materials, because in the conveying process, these materials, sometimes will stick to the spiral, and rotate instead of moving forward or forming the plug of the material in the hanging bearing, so that the spiral machine can not work normally.
The diameter of the tube screw conveyor is from 200 mm to 500 mm, with five specifications. The equipment will test the material through the weighing bridge, so that the weight of the material on the tape can be determined. The digital speed sensor installed at the tail, continuously measures the operation speed of the feeder. The pulse output of the speed sensor is proportional to the speed of the feeder. The speed signal and weight signal are fed to the feeder controller. The microprocessor in the controller processes, generates and displays the cumulant / instantaneous delivery.

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