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The stainless steel pipe clamp has good hygienic performance and low pressure loss.
Jan 30, 2018

In the process of using the stainless steel pipe clamp, the connection strength is high and the anti-vibration is good, and the connection part is effectively "dead", avoiding the possibility of loose connection. Stainless steel pipe clamp of construction convenient and quick, effective to a certain extent to avoid the site welding, wire or channeling homework, as long as the use of special hydraulic tools, conformity of connection can be easily completed, saving time, effort, cost, and install a high success rate at a time.

The hygienic performance of stainless steel pipe clamp is good.

Stainless steel pipe clamp card all of them are used in production process of the 304 or 316 stainless steel material, sealing ring using epdm, chlorinated butyl rubber, nitrile rubber or silicone rubber, health environmental protection performance is good, and long service life.

Low flow pressure loss of stainless steel pipe clamp.

The inner diameter of the stainless steel tube and the inner diameter of the pipe are the same (equal diameter design). The deformation of the pipe is small, so that the flow and pressure loss of the pipe connection are small and negligible.

The system compatibility of stainless steel pipe clamp is strong.

The specification of stainless steel tube is complete, can be used with various valves, water bill, water meter, water pump and so on, and can be connected with all kinds of piping system.

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