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The routine maintenance and use skills of screen stretching machine
Nov 15, 2017

screen stretching machine is used in the production of silk screen version of the indispensable use of equipment, in the process of using the main screen is tensioned with a certain tension in the network frame, and now stretch machine in the market mainly Divided into manual stretching machine and pneumatic stretching machine, of which the former can be divided into chuck type and pressure-type, in the process of making its cost is relatively low.


screen stretching machine  introduced


Stretching machine running in the process of its degree of automation is relatively high, in use to a great extent reflects the high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and less labor and other advantages of such equipment in the market more and more by its Users of a wide range of favors, is an indispensable tool for high-precision stretching.


screen stretching machine

screen stretching machine for routine maintenance


Stretching machine in the use of must ensure that every class of drainage filter to drain, effectively check the sliding lubrication of its equipment, check the operation of the machine effectively appear blocking the phenomenon of foreign objects, the surface of the equipment clean, Need to ensure that the entire machine must be lubricated in the week, oiling.


screen stretching machine skills


Stretching machine soft pen scribing approach to observe the clamping force of the chuck is consistent, so as to be more handy during normal use

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