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The problems during the installation of prefabricated pipes
Aug 17, 2017

Prefabricated pipe is a kind of new products, in the use of the process is very suitable for conveying powdery materials and particles sealing prefabricated pipe, the existing prefabricated slide is provided with a flange plate by the effective tube port, the slide tube assembly with bolt connection.
In the process of prefabricated chute assembly used in assembling a ring flange, which turns outward flange in the pipe body port, so at the time of installation, as long as the pipe clamp can easily complete the slide tube installation, testing the product the leakage amount of 4 grams per cubic meter


                                                  pipe fittings valves

The purpose of the utility model is based on tube structure assembled on the flange with flange prefabricated groove, thereby the rubber sealing ring is arranged, and then effectively guaranteed in pneumatic conveying occasions as the sealing ring is sucked, so as to achieve convenient installation and reliable sealing.
Prefabricated pipe ends have grooved flange, the flange groove by arc or bending, effective composition of its S shape, and the outer end of the tube axis arc or the bending angle of 0 ~ 90 degrees, its main advantage is to facilitate the installation of rubber sealing ring, which can realize reliable sealing performance.
The structure of prefabricated chute is based on the flange, so keep the original structure simple installation, the installation construction, two chute port and port relative, arc or bending can be filled in the adaptation of the rubber sealing ring, and then the flange clamp is clamped between the outer and the axis of the tube body a 65 degree angle, so in the process of clamping the clamp, the two slide tube relative compaction, the sealing performance to achieve high standards.
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