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The operating principle and characteristics of the Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill
Nov 22, 2018

The Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill can be used to discharge the powder material at the bottom of the warehouse. The machine uses a vibration motor as the source to drive the high frequency vibration of the discharge hopper. The center of the discharge hopper is provided with a conical discharge tray, which promotes the material in the warehouse to flow slowly and evenly from the outlet, and has the function of preventing the material in the warehouse from arching. It is an ideal equipment for unloading the bottom of the warehouse. It can evenly discharge the materials in the cabin.


The Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill has a simple structure and stable operation, and the powder material can be uniformly and stably discharged continuously and accurately. The operation process has low noise and low energy consumption, and also has the advantages of energy saving, long service life and adjustable feeding amount.


From the structural composition analysis, usually the Vibro Discharger For Flour Mill is mainly composed of the discharge hopper, the discharge tray, the connecting flange, the tightening device, the rubber sealing ring, the vibration motor, etc., and the connecting flange passes through the bolt and the bottom of the warehouse. When connected, the unloading hopper is connected with the connecting flange through the boom, so that the unloading hopper is suspended, and the vibration motor is fixed on the discharging hopper. When the motor vibrates, the unloading hopper starts to be unloaded when the vibrating body vibrates, and the vibrating motor stops vibrating and stops cutting.

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