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The instruction of the operating requirements of the stainless steel flange
Oct 28, 2017

Analyzing from the application situation, the stainless steel flange pipe have been good applied in many production areas due to its many advantages. Especially welding flange electrode has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, So it is widely used in the fields of chemical, chemical fertilizer, petroleum and medical machinery manufacturing.

However, in the actual welding, some details need to be noticed. For example, in order to avoid the problem of pitting corrosion caused by flange cover heating, the current should be controlled properly when welding stainless steel flange pipes. And the electric arc is not too long,

Interlamination rapid cooling. It is recommended to use narrow weld bead.

Secondly, the drying of stainless steel flange pipes should be maintained during the use, so that not only welding problems can be reduced, but also the use time can be prolonged. In addition, when welding, because of the effect of repeated heating, it may precipitate some carbide, but also affect its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

In addition, in fact, in the welding of chromium stainless steel flange pipe, due to its own factors, it is likely to produce some cracks. Therefore, if the same type of chrome is used to weld the stainless steel welding electrode, it is necessary to do the preheating treatment that is not less than 300 degrees. After welding, it also should do the slow cooling treatment about 700 degrees.

If the site conditions do not allow for the post welding heat treatment operation, then the stainless steel flange pipe welding rod of type A107 and A207 should be selected. Usually in order to improve its corrosion resistance and welding performance, it will add some stability elements, such as Ti、Nb、Mo and so on.


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