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The installation of Zinc plated pipe clamp with chrome screw involves several stages?
Jun 29, 2018

Zinc plated pipe clamp with chrome screw are generally divided into two types, one is connected by bolts, and the other is quick-release Zinc plated pipe clamp with chrome screw. The former can be divided into two halves, three splits or more splits according to the number of clips, which are fastened by connecting bolts. The latter is secured by two bolts by means of a transmission consisting of two pairs of bevel gears.


When installing Zinc plated pipe clamp with chrome screw, flip the sealing ring first, then put on a steel pipe, align the other steel pipe, turn the sealing ring over and put it so that the sealing ring is in the middle position of the two pipe interfaces. The pipe gap should meet the standard requirements.


Then check the shaft line of the pipe to make the centerline of the two pipes coincide. Install the upper and lower clamps on the outer side of the seal ring at the interface and insert the galvanized clamp edge into the groove of the steel pipe. Use both hands to press the upper and lower galvanized cards. At the ear of the hoop, lightly tap the collar of the clip with a hammer to hold the upper and lower clips tightly. Insert the bolts at the threaded holes of the galvanized clip and use a torque wrench to rotate the bolts evenly.


Finally, it is necessary to check again whether the galvanized clamp flange is fully inserted into the groove circumferentially. Through the above three steps, the Zinc plated pipe clamp with chrome screw can be installed to complete the connection between the workpieces for normal use.

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