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The difference between various pipe flanges in installation mode and application range
Nov 13, 2017

Flange is a typical adapting piece, and it has different types. The characteristics of various flanges are also different, which must be skilled in order to use better and the effectiveness of each flange can be the maximum embodiment. The difference between threaded flange, slip on flange, welding neck flange, socket flange will be described one by one.

The pipe flange is a detachable connecting piece used in various industrial piping systems. Common pipe flanges, except for threaded flange, are welded flanges, such as slip on flanges, welding neck flanges, socket flanges and so on.
As the name suggests, the threaded flange is mainly used in the flange of the processing of the thread and threaded pipe fittings for rotary connection, so do not need welding, installation is very convenient, and later repair will be easy. Generally, the threaded flange is divided into two kinds. One is to use the two pipe end position and lens washer to seal the product, which is suitable for use in the manufacturing industry of synthetic ammonia. The other is the same as the common flange, using the sealing surfaces of the two flanges to seal.

The test shows that the threaded flange is suitable for use in situations where it is not easy to weld or can not be welded. And the pipeline whose environmental temperature is with frequent fluctuations or higher than 260 degrees celsius less than 45 degrees celsius can not be put into use, so as to avoid adverse effects on the flange.


 steel pipe flanges

The slip on flange mainly inserts the pipe into the inner hole of the flange for a certain welding, and it has the advantages of easy centring and cheap price. Because it is easy to weld, the operating flange will cause the deformation of the flange, generally it is used in the lower pressure temperature environment.
The welding neck flange will process the welding end of the welding neck and tube parts into a certain form of welding groove, and then directly doing welding operations. This flange construction is convenient and the strength is relatively high, which is applicable to high temperature or low temperature pipeline with large pressure and large temperature fluctuation range. The remaining socket flange is similar to the welding neck flange , except that it is welded into the socket hole of the flange for welding, which is used in smaller diameter pipes.

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