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The correct method of cleaning the stainless steel elbow fittings
Oct 24, 2017

In order to further strengthen the use performance of stainless steel elbow fittings, so in the machining process, it also needs to do the clean-up work in time. If the cleaning link is not properly operated, it will seriously affect its overall quality. Do you know what should pay attention to when cleaning the stainless steel elbow fittings?
In the actual work, it is often necessary to combine the specific use requirements of stainless steel elbow fittings and its surface quality to select the appropriate cleaning method. At present, the common cleaning methods mainly include alkali washing, chlorine solvent sandblasting, water-solubility mundificant and shot blasting.


Stainless steel elbow fittings

If you can master the correct cleaning method, and operate expertly, it not only can improve the use performance of stainless steel elbow fittings , but also can extend the service life. It is necessary to remind everyone that it is best not to use the method of acid cleaning to clean, so as to avoid damage. When finishing cleaning, it also needs to wipe clean in time to ensure dry.
For different materials of stainless steel elbow fittings, in the drying process, it is necessary to combine their own characteristics to properly control the drying temperature. And it should be noted that it is best not to repeat the drying process repeatedly, or it may lead to cracking and spalling. This is because when in the welding process, if repeated heating, it is possible to precipitate carbide. In this way, it will lead to corrosion resistance and mechanical properties are reduced.

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