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The control form classification and normally open and normally close requirements of the two-way valve
Dec 06, 2017

The two-way valve is a control valve with two pipelines. In general, a valve with two pipelines may not be a two-way valve. The main characteristic is bidirectional broken. When the two pipelines can only achieve the conduction in one direction, it will be called as check valve.

The two-way valve is divided into normally open type and normally close type
1.Normally open two-way valve normally is unblocked, when using, it is equal to a section of pipeline, which can realize unimpeded conduction fluid. However, when the valve state is changed, the cutoff fluid conduction will be closed directly.
2.Normally close two-way valve normally is closed, when using, it can cut off the fluid conduction. When the valve state is changed, it can make the fluid unblocked.


The control form classification of the two-way valve
1. The two-way electromagnetic valve is used to replace the manpower to realize the on-off of the valve, which is suitable for the application in the automatic production. However, the cost is relatively improved.
2. Manual two-way valve in the operation process needs manual operation, the cost is lower. It is mostly used in daily life, and can also be used in infrequent switch occasions.
3. Hydraulic and pneumatic two-way valve, the solenoid valve is a high level of automation valve. The main advantage is that the control of the greater pressure fluid can be achieved.

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