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The classification requirements and operational principle of the solid cyclone separator
Nov 02, 2017

The cyclone separator can be divided into high temperature resistance type, pressing resistant type and common type. The whole equipment can be evenly driven at run time. The unloader is continuously discharged according to the control rate, or is driven at an uncertain speed, and the unloader is used as a feeder.
The common type cyclone separator can be used in the and ordinary materials at 150 degree or normal temperature. The unloader can feed continuously and evenly to the feeding tube.


cyclone separator powder

The pressing resistant  unloader is mainly composed of closed rotor, which can be widely used in the inhaling-conveying mode and pressure feed Pneumatic conveying system and negative pressure conveying equipment when used. The rotary unloader in general can effectively ensure that the airflow pressure in its conveying pipe is not leaked, and can be transported and collected safely when used.
The unloader adopts the principle of planetary rotation, the input and output on the same axis, and the unique characteristics of the motor straight, so the structure is compact the shape is beautiful and novel,  the size is small and the weight is light. The equipment works reliably and smoothly with low noise, less fault, long service life, good performance and high wear resistance.
The gear box and bearing of the solid cyclone separator  need to avoid the impact of high temperature dust as far as possible. The front and rear end cover of the equipment is good, so to a certain extent to prevent dust leakage, to a certain extent, extend the service life of the motor parts and lubrication system.

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