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the characteristics and main components of flour mill vibro dischargers
Mar 05, 2018

In fact, Flour mill vibro dischargers belong to a bottom discharger dedicated to flour or powdery material similar to flour. In practical applications, this style of flour mill vibro discharger is a vibration motor for the source, driving discharge hopper to a high-frequency vibration.

    Analyzing the composition of the structure, usually it will set a conical discharge tray in the mill bottom discharger discharge hopper center to promote the warehouse material slowly and evenly out from the outlet, and to prevent the material storage arch ,so it is called an ideal warehouse unloading equipment.

In other words,when using flour mill vibro dischargers, you can use the high-frequency vibration to destroy the material of the arching phenomenon, so that the material can be discharged from the outlet in a uniform state, so flour mill vibro discharger is widely used in powder, pharmaceutical and other industries Silo unloading.

    Considering the structural design, the structure of flour mill vibro discharger is simple, compact and reasonable.It has stable and reliable operation, strong broken arch, not pumping heart and smooth operation,also it can make a variety of powder materials maintain uniform to keep discharging stable continuous. In addition, the device also has several advantages such as low noise, low energy consumption and adjustable production.

    Normally, the main components of the Flour mill vibro dischargers include unloading hopper, unloading tray, suspension rod, rubber sealing strip, tightening device, distance tube, vibration motor and other components.

    During the operation of the flour mill vibro dischargers, the powder falls from the bottom of the bin and flows into the unloading hopper below. The vibrating motor drives the discharging hopper to vibrate at high frequency. After the material is vibrated, it passes through the middle and around the discharge pan to flow down Uniform evenly and slowly. It can be seen that the flour mill vibro dischargers significantly improve the material flow activity, so that the material is stable and uniform while the warehouse material is not easy to knot.

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