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The body materials and operation method of the pneumatic valve
Dec 09, 2017

The pneumatic valve is composed of executing agency and regulatory agency. The executing agency of the pneumatic valve is the thrust component of the regulating valve, which will produce the corresponding thrust according to the size of the control signal pressure, and promote the regulatory agency action. The valve body is a regulating part of the  pneumatic regulating valve, which is directly in contact with the regulating medium to regulate the flow of the fluid.

The main categories of the pneumatic valve

  1. Pneumatic V-shaped control ball valve
    2.Pneumatic O-shaped cut off  ball valve
    3.Torque type cylinder ball valve
    4.Electromagnetic diaphragm valve move picture
    5.Pneumatic stroke type diaphragm valve


    The operation method of the pneumatic valve

    1. The on and off direction of the air operated valve should be closed clockwise.
    2. Due to the air operated valve in the pipe network is often artificial opening and closing, the on-off number should not be too much, that is, valves with heavy calibre should also be in the 200 - 600.
    3. In order to facilitate the on-off operation of a person, the maximum on-off moment of the pipeline is 240N-m.
    4. The air operated valve on-off operation end should be square tenon, and the size standardization, and face to the ground, so that people can operate directly from the ground. The valve with roulette is not applicable to underground pipe network.

    The body materials of the air operated valve
    1. The nodular cast iron should be mainly used. The grade and actual physical and chemical test data of iron casting should be noted.
    2. The valve stem material should ideally be stainless steel valve stem (2CR13). Valves with heavy calibre should also be stainless steel embedded stem.
    3. The nut material is made of cast aluminum brass or cast aluminum bronze. The hardness and strength are greater than the valve stem.

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