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The applicable fields and design requirements of 2 way diverter valve
Sep 22, 2017

2 way diverter valve is the conversion of the transmission line components in the use of pneumatic conveying system. The equipment in the production process use its intelligent design of the dual valve which can optimize its grain, food and feed processing industry powder and the transport routes of granular materials.
2 way diverter valve has many models, which can be effectively applied to a variety of materials in use. Its compact design is very space-saving in use. The equipment use the compatible mm stainless steel pipe diameter, which is directly connected with  the pipeline, without the taper transition.
The pneumatic device in the dual valve can be mounted directly on the left or right side. It is not limited by the installation space when used. The dual valve meets the highest hygienic standard which is required by FDA. The grey GG version is suitable for powder and non-corrosive materials. The nickel version is suitable for mild corrosive materials and the stainless steel version is suitable for salt and heavy corrosive materials.
The special version of powder diverter valve designed for sugar is very suitable for use at the end of the clean oat and cereal and other materials. Buhler can  provide a special enhanced version of the dual valve for the materials which has a high degree of sanitary requirements. This version with Teflon mechanical seals can prevent materials from being polluted  to ensure that the product can get the maximum purity.


reversing valve

2 way valve can be equipped with its standard suspension device in the process of installation, which will make the installation of dual valve be simpler. The pneumatic actuator use the double stroke air cylinder with the superior performance and almost no maintenance. Dual valve is widely used in the production process of the flour, bran, starch, cereals, feed, candy and other small particles. It is also widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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