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The airflow direction of the tee and its wide application
Jul 06, 2018

The tee pipe fitting  is used as a universally used for epipe joint in the process of use. The tee pipe fitting  is generally used in a complicated branch pipe, and the pipe direction can be effectively adjusted to be divided into two. In the prior art, independent loops are separately set to a certain extent, which is very inconsistent with the cost control principle, but after using the tee, the cost is saved on the premise of achieving the same effect. Therefore, the tee pipe fitting  has been widely used in the field of water pipe joints.


The tee is the interface of the three open tubes. The products are used in daily life to transport liquids and gases. The products have one inlet and two outlets, which are mainly used to change the direction of the airflow. It can also be used for water pipelines to a certain extent, and it is a good helper for pipelines. Mainly used for water, gas pipes, natural gas, oil, etc.

The material of the tee is strong, and to a certain extent, it will not be rotted and durable. Under normal circumstances, the tee can be used in any environment, and has the advantages of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance to some extent.

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