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the advantages of Stainless steel manual two way valve
Jan 24, 2018

In the past we used the manual hydraulic pump is a manpower by the pressure of oil, to promote the working cylinder work of mechanical equipment, in the absence of power or field operations, can be widely used for horizontal load or vertical load lifting. However, manual hydraulic pump is usually a single role, so the valve is generally used single-acting valve. In order to make up for its lack of, introduced a stainless steel manual two way valve.

Although previously tried double-acting manual hydraulic pumps, it unite the unloading valve and the reversing valve. But this valve is just a simple two three-way valve, poor function, slow motion, unresponsive, can not meet the requirements of high-pressure operation. It seems that only stainless steel manual two-way valve to meet the requirements.

This novel stainless steel manual two way valve has the function of a three-position four-way valve, which makes the pressure oil circuit and the oil return circuit have no influence on each other, which not only makes commutation and packing easy, but also runs fast and light with full load pressure and stable operation Reliable, widely used in manual hydraulic pump.

From the structural point of view, this stainless steel manual two-way valve is mainly composed of the valve body, the upper chamber, the lower chamber, the passageway and other components, wherein the upper chamber has an upper check valve composed of a steel ball and an upper plunger, There is a lower one-way valve composed of a steel ball and a spring, and the two one-way valves are connected through a strut which is slightly longer than the passage to form a reversing valve, and one side of the reversing valve is provided with a reversing valve The same structure and parallel to the valve.

In this way, the two chambers of the two-way valve in the stainless steel manual two-way valve are communicated with the oil return passage, and their lower chambers are communicated with the pressure oil passage; and the passage of one of the directional control valves is in communication with the working oil passage, The valve is connected to the working oil passage and reverses or locks the position of the hydraulic pump in a specific way.

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