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Structural features and installation of automatic two-way valve
Dec 13, 2018

The automatic two-way valve has the advantages of two-way pressure, two-way sealing and the like, and can be used in different fields as a mechanism for cutting and adjusting the pipeline. The automatic two-way valve has the advantages of suitable for gas, liquid and other media, and has the advantages of short switching time and small flow resistance.


The automatic two-way valve has a bidirectional automatic control function, and is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve core, and a spring disposed between the valve body and the valve core. The valve body is provided with a flow passage and at least one sealing seat. The valve core has a pressure receiving surface, and the valve chamber is formed between the pressure receiving surface and the valve body, and the bearing surface has at least two, and the pressure receiving area of one of the pressure receiving surfaces It is smaller than the bearing area of other pressure-bearing surfaces; and at least one of the pressure-bearing surfaces is a sealing surface, which can seal the sealing seat under the action of the spring force.


At the time of storage, the user needs to block both ends of the valve of the automatic two-way valve and store it in a dry, ventilated room. If it is stored for a long time, it should be checked regularly. The valve should be cleaned before installation to eliminate defects caused during transportation. The marking on the valve must be checked during installation. In particular, the flow direction of the medium must be consistent with the flow direction marked on the valve.

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