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Structural design concept of stainless steel wye pipe fittings
Oct 16, 2018

Stainless steel wye pipe fittings are a type of fitting used in the branching of pipes. For the time being, it is usually processed by two processes: hydraulic bulging and hot press forming. When designing the product, the actual requirements of the field use are combined to make the product simple, generous, beautiful and practical.


In simple terms, the structural design of stainless steel wye pipe fittings flexibly uses the streamlined design concept. The local position is designed with special curvature, and the components are connected by fully automatic internal and external argon-protected welding to make the welds of the pipe joints even and smooth. It ensures the smooth flow of the whole pipe and no dead angle.


In addition, the finished wye pipe fittings are specially made with special moulds and advanced technology in the process of actual processing, which ensures that the surface of the pipe fittings will not be pulled, which effectively protects the surface protective film of the product. . Moreover, the inner and outer polishing treatments are performed to achieve a smooth effect on the inner and outer walls of the pipe member, thereby effectively reducing the pipe roughness coefficient and enhancing the corrosion resistance of the pipe.

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