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Standard requirements and main applications of the y pipe fitting
Dec 12, 2017

The y pipe fitting adopts the structure of the valve block in the closed state of the tube cavity and the inner wall of the lumen, saving the amount of the pipeline parts, which is convenient to operate, and convenient for pipeline shunt maintenance and branch stage supply.

The utility model not only has the function of the traditional tee pipe, but also has the function of the two operating position valve in a certain extent. The major pipeline and the branch pipeline output can be selected as one of the closed and unblocked working conditions. The utility model can also arbitrarily adjust the flow ratio of the major pipeline and branch pipeline output, as long as adjusting the angle of the regulating valve block in the lumen.


Standard requirements of the plumbing tee
The Chinese standard, water gauge, American standard, electric standard, chemical standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard of the three-way tube are as follows:

GB/T12459-2005,GB/T13401-2005,ASMEB16.9,SH3408,SH3409-96,SH3410-96,HG/T21635,DL/T 695,SY/T 0510,DIN 2615。

Applications of the y tee pipe fitting
The three-way tube is mainly used to change the direction of the fluid. It can be directly used in the drain pipeline, oil pipeline and various liquid chemical materials delivery pipelines. It is mainly used in medicine, water conservancy, energy, construction and other engineering fields.

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